How does Storm select their teams?

Storm holds tryouts to select their teams. 14 and under tryouts are held the first weekend in October. 15 and above tryouts are held the weekend after the WIAA state volleyball tournament, usually the second weekend in November.

What does a the season look like?

The season starts with practices in late November and December. Tournaments will start in January and run through the Badger Region Championships in March.

When does Storm practice?

Typically practices are held on Sundays and Wednesdays during the season. Storm does not own its own facilities so we are at the mercy of gym availability. We try to accommodate family schedules, but have limited options for gym time.

How does Storm select tournaments?

After players accept a position on a team, their coach will collect a player availability/conflict sheet. Families should list all weekend conflicts on this sheet. Coaches will then look at this sheet to determine tournaments with the fewest conflicts. Tournament registration takes place the Friday after Thanksgiving. As soon as teams have been accepted to the tournaments a finalized schedule will be sent to parents and posted to the website.

What does a typical club tournament look like?

Most tournaments are on Sundays. They will usually start at 8:00am and finish around 5:00pm but there can be lots of variation based on who is hosting the tournament and how they plan the schedule. Players should plan on packing some snacks during the day. Most tournaments do not allow carry in meals but have concession stands that sell healthy-ish meal foods. Families should plan to transport their player to and from the tournament or make arrangements for them to ride with another family. Tournaments generally charge admissions between $3 and $10 to watch the tournament.

What is appropriate volleyball apparel?

For tournaments, players are required to wear plain black bottoms with their team issued jerseys. Typically players wear black spandex, but black shorts, or black leggings are also acceptable. All players should have athletic shoes, knee pads, and a water bottle for all practices and tournaments.