Lakeshore Storm Volleyball Club

Important 20-21 Season Information

Dear Storm Athletes and parents,

We, the members of the Lakeshore Storm Board, are unfortunately announcing a cancellation of the Lakeshore Storm 2020-21 Club Volleyball season. This decision was not easy to make, and it has direct impact on 6 of 7 voting members who are having to cancel their own daughter’s probable last season of club volleyball. We felt like it was important to give just some of the rationale as to why this decision was made.

1. Facility access. Due to Covid 19 we have no guarantee of access to our 2 main facilities, Lincoln HS and UW Manitowoc. Those facilities have been very open to us in the past, but right now they are unable to provide us with any timeline as to when they might be open. This leaves us with no practice or tournament facility large enough to meet our needs.

2. Money. Unfortunately, this inability to run the scrimmage and 2 home tournaments means no concessions dollars or admission dollars. We as a club do not have you do fundraisers and we take every profit dollar we make off concessions and admissions and put that money toward expenses. This way all players benefit with reduced costs. With no $ coming in we would be forced to raise the prices on all athletes by such a large percentage we know it would probably price many families out of participating.

3. WIAA Rules. Lincoln has moved to Spring Volleyball. We are not a Lincoln only feeder program, but have always had a positive relationship with their AD and coaching staff. A large percentage of our athletes do play at Lincoln. Lincoln moving to Spring means those athletes will surely play for their school which affects our numbers. If other schools also decide to move to Spring, we would be in direct competition for athletes and again for facilities. WIAA rules only allow an in-season athlete 2 non-school sponsored competitions so school athletes really can’t play club during the spring.

4. Covid Safety. The safety protocols that various Clubs and facilities may use are going to vary. Badger Region did send out some guidelines they are using for one of their leagues. 2 Badger Region Certified coaches and 2 parents who are scorekeepers NO FANS. No concessions. If teams are not playing, they wait outside. Masks for all people and athletes inside the gym. We all want safe environments for our kids but sitting in our cars for 8-10 hours in January in Wisconsin is a big ask even for our kids.

We are unfortunately dealing with the realities that COVID-19 has forced upon us. Hopefully we will be able to return and have a fun and successful 2021-2022 season.

Lakeshore Storm Board

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